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Опубликовал: sensis
Дата: 12:44 - 16 дек 2009
Просмотров: 4740

Фотограф Assaad Georges Awad (6 фото - 2,88.Mb)

Опубликовал: sensis

"The Muse" is a section in a fashion magazine, where the editor exposes quotes and stories about a muse without showing who she really is.

Since the face is not supposed to show, i wanted something that would naturally hide the Muse's face, so i thought hey!!! LET HER FLOW UNDERWATER.

Shooting underwater with oxygen and tubes is complex but it rocks.

Автор: Assaad Georges Awad
Официальный сайт: http://assaadawad.com
Источник: http://behance.net/assaadawad


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