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Опубликовал: sensis
Дата: 12:46 - 24 дек 2009
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Poland Synthesis 2003-2006... Szymon Roginski (40 фото - 2,97.Mb)

Опубликовал: sensis

Before showing series from Poland, few words on how it started:

In Detroit, I bought my most important camera - the Mamiya 7.

“And then we hit the road.”

The American landscapes greatly impressed me – I would constantly see the traces of famous photographers such as

Ansel Adams or William Eggleston. However, throughout my journey I felt that nowadays, after they have already been there, it is really difficult to photograph something new there.

When I returned to Poland I felt really tempted to continue this series. I realized that all around me there is an unsurveyed area that had not been photographed in modern times. I started working on it in extremely harsh conditions - autumn was turning into winter, so Poland was monochromatic, depressing, dirty and cold.

My expeditions would last up to a week each. My assistant would drive so that I could look through the window

during the journey. We travelled at night. We would go to sleep at 8 a.m., still a winter dawn, and get up around 2 p.m. already at dusk.

Photographing Poland during the day is a very challenging task. I think the only time it makes sense is at dawn.

Dawn after a sleepless night always impresses me.

Автор: Szymon Roginski
Официальный сайт: http://szymonroginski.com

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