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Two tea-pickers, Japan, 1930

Buddhist pilgrim mother and child wearing traditional costume, begging for donations, Kobe, 1929

A Shinto priest at the torii (gate) of Itsukushima Shrine at low tide on Itsukushima Island, Japan, 1955

A female shoeshine in the Ginza district of Tokyo, 1955

Younger and older samurais at a pageant in Japan, between the two World Wars, 1930

A farmer ploughs rice fields under Mount Fujiyama, “The Gate Of Heaven” in Japan. The mountain will provide the water necessary for the crop, 1950

The harbour at Nagasaki, Japan, 1920. A Christian church can be seen in the foreground

A group of Japanese schoolgirls marching in formation during a school visit to the third regiment to experience the soldier's way of life, 1938

Japanese farm workers use nets to catch small fish in one of the irrigation channels of a rice field, northern Japan, 1932

Art students gather round the moat of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, with their easels, 1960. Their paintings will be judged at the end of the summer, and the winners will be awarded diplomas

General Kuroki Tamemoto and Prince Kuni Kuniyoshi of the Japanese army at Kwantei Temple during the Battle of Liaoyang, an engagement of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904

Takenouchi Yasunori, the Japanese commissioner of foreign affairs who led his country's first diplomatic delegation to Paris, 1862

The covered shopping street Shijo-Dori (4th street) in Kyoto, Japan, 1905

A couple in traditional dress admiring the view over the Japanese port city of Kobe from Suwayama, 1905

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