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Two uniformed soldiers of the Indian army, 1850

The jirkuz of the Raja of Kapurthala during the Indian Mutiny, 1857

“Colonel Brayzier”, an Indian soldier during the Indian Mutiny, 1857

Warriors of the Indian Hindu Rajput caste, 1856

One of the Indian soldiers who assisted the British in suppressing the Indian Mutiny of 1857–1859, when the sepoys of the Bengal army formed a rebellion, 1855

The Chutter Munzil Palace wall in Lucknow, India, which was destroyed by mutineers. In the foreground is the king's boat in the shape of a fish, 1856

A group of Sikh sappers (combat engineers) of the Indian Army, 1858

A Mogul family in Delhi, 1858

Begum Zenat Mahat, Wife of the Shah or King of Delhi, exiled to Rangoon after the Indian mutiny against British rule in 1857

A young Pathan or Pashtun woman, 1865

An aboriginal man from the Lepcha people of Sikhim (Sikkim), India, 1868

The Viceroy of India, 6th Earl of Mayo, receives Sher Ali Khan, Amir of Afghanistan, at Ambala, India, 1869

An Indian ascetic wearing an iron collar, 1870

A Sunnyasi Brahmin in India, 1870

A rope merchant in India, 1869

His Highness Chama Rasendra Wadiar Bahadur, the maharajah of Mysore, 1870

The attendants of the Sumptha Raja, Agra Durbar, 1873

A water carrier or “bhisti” in India, 1870

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