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A toppled house which was carried more than 50ft in the great US cyclone disaster of 1925

A gatehouse is blown over at a naval base, during a hurricane, but the overhead cables still hold, 1950

A man holds onto a tree by the seashore (possibly along the Shore Parkway Greenway) against severe winds during Hurricane Carol's assault on the Northeastern seaboard, Brooklyn, New York, August 31, 1954

A fire tender being driven through a flooded street in New York street in the wake of Hurricane Donna in which 135 people lost their lives, 16th September 1960

Scaffolding brought down by “Typhoon Ruby” is caught by overhead tram power lines on Des Voeux Road West in Hong Kong, 1964

A car submerged in flood waters in the Koto district of Tokyo after torrential rains caused by Typhoon Violet, 13th October 1961

Hundreds of people died when a train-ferry overturned near Hakodate, Japan during a typhoon, 6th October 1964

A boy and his dog recovering during the aftermath of the Great American Cyclone Disaster, 1925

The Flamingo Hotel in Miami in the aftermath of a great hurricane, 1929

A couple sitting amongst the remains of their home at Highland Park, Rhode Island, USA, after a 100-mile-an-hour swept the Atlantic coast of North America, 1938

A resident emerges from his home and braves high winds and waist-deep water to assess the damage that Hurricane Betsy has done to his property, Miami Beach, Florida, September 13, 1965. His car is half-submerged in floodwater. Betsy caused $1.42 billion worth of damage in the Bahamas, Florida, and Louisiana, earning the storm the nickname “Billion Dollar Betsy”.

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