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An elaborate paper horse is blessed before being burnt at a funeral to provide a safe journey for the deceased's spirit to the next world, 1860

President Lincoln's funeral train in Philidelphia near the start of its 13 day 1,600 mile journey from Washington to Springfield, 1865

The coffin of General Ulysses Simpson Grant (1822–1885), 18th president of the United States, on the day of his funeral, 1885

Sailors pulling a gun carriage and coffin through the streets of Portsmouth during a naval funeral, 1890s. A large crowd has gathered to pay their respects

A standard bearer, drummer and trumpeter of the Second Life Guards parading at the funeral of British prime minister William Gladstone, 1898

Pallbearers attend a glass sided funeral carriage in Portsmouth, 1900

A funeral procession in Naples, 1899

A coffin decked in flowers in a punt, which a group of men are pulling into the mooring, 3rd June 1903

Church and armed forces officials pay their respects as bodies of the Potemkin's assassinated officers lie in state. The mutiny aboard the battleship Potemkin sparked the uprising of 1905

The Dalai Lama of Tibet, being carried in his sedan chair, attending the funeral of the Dowager Empress of China, 1908

The funeral procession of the Empress Dowager Tzu-Hsi or Cixi of China, widow of the last Manchu Emperor Xianfeng, 1908

The funeral procession of the assassinated king of Portugal, King Carlos I and his son, in Portugal, 1908

A group of men laying a body on a Hindu ghat, which serves as a place of cremation, 1910

A stream of cars at a funeral in the Heroes cemetery in Instanbul, 1910

Guards surround the coffin at the private lying in state of King Edward VII at Buckingham Palace, London, May 1910

The funeral procession of King Edward VII, 20th May 1910

A “Farewell” tribute to King Edward VII, placed over the entrance to the platforms for train arrivals at Paddington Station, London, on the day of the sovereign's funeral. The cortege passed under the farewell message, 20th May 1910

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