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A woman returns home from the market with a Christmas tree, 1895

A Christmas tree in an Edwardian parlour, 1905

At Christmas toy hawkers, like this one on Ludgate Hill and Holborn, thronged the streets of London, 1913

New York's Christmas tree for the homeless waiting to be erected in Madison Square, 1914

A Christmas advertising scheme at Watling Street, London, 1913

Christmas entertainments at the Hospital for Sick Children in Great Ormond Street, London, 1913

A soldier carrying a christmas tree, 1915

Father Christmas reading with three young children, 1915

Children carrying holly and mistletoe, 1915

Christmas trees being delivered for the members of the American army staying at the Palace Hotel in London, 1918

A young sailor buys a Christmas tree at a greengrocer's and a young boy waits in a queue of children to buy some mistletoe, 1918

A family sitting down for tea at Christmas time, 1919

Two little boys dragging home their Christmas tree after choosing it at London's Covent Garden Market, 1920

The interior of a tube train decorated with foliage for the Christmas Season, 1922

Three girls on Christmas morning delighted with their gifts from Father Christmas, 1925

A crowd of happy youngsters chase Father Christmas along a London street. He is on his way to a south London store to distribute presents, 1926

Children from the Royal Caledonian School enjoying a festive Christmas pageant on an open top bus which is carrying Santa and his helpers through the streets, 1926

Christmas carol singers in a London suburb, 1927

Boys of Ardingly School at the start of the Christmas holidays, 1926

A little girl taking home her Christmas Tree, bought from Caledonian Road Market, London, 1929

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