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Захватывающий гео-арт: Цвета Земли... Фотограф Bernhard Edmaier +45

Интерес к природным явлениям для геолога Бернхарда Эдмайера (Bernhard Edmaier) положил начало новой сфере деятельности. После получения сертификата Гильдии фотографов в Мюнхене он отправился путешествовать по еще нетронутым уголкам земного шара. За 13-летнюю деятельность в качестве фотографа Берхард объехал весь мир – от Аляски до Новой Зеландии. С высоты птичьего полета Берхард снимает недосягаемые места, о существовании которых многие даже не подозревают.

Chiara Biancheri +18

Italian artist Chiara Biancheri uses the help of Microsoft’s Apophysis software, a fractal flame editor to create organic whimsical figures. She utilizes the effects of fractal flames, which are basically iterated images manipulated in tremendously sophisticated ways, and gives a whole new light to this geometric wonder. Pretty mathematical stuff!

It was clear as day when I first saw Robert Steven Connett’s paintings. His work appears to be a window for us to peer into his microscopic and technological world. Plus, I am a huge fan of color and texture, and Connett executes both fabulously well.

What makes the visual experience even better is that it’s not clear what the heck is going on; there is so much context in Connett’s pieces that the you’ll end up discovering something new with each viewing. I thought I took in everything with my first impression of his paintings, but every time I return for another look, I always notice something new.

Mr. Jason Briggs…may I have some more?

Briggs was featured back in August 2010 for his amazing clay sculptures that are so masterfully crafted that they look like the fleshy-est of fleshy meat bags. Hair, goosebumps, lips, folds of skins…Briggs incorporates all the little details of the flesh to bring his sculptures to life.

Ben Young has been hand crafting his works for ten years. A self taught glass artist, he draws inspiration from his home, Waihi Beach, New Zealand.

Now living in Sydney Australia he still draws from his background to create his brilliant hand crafted glass sculptures. Once a boatbuilder by trade and keen surfer his pieces are reflections of the raw power of the sea and the beauty of that perfect wave.

Kyung Hwan Kim also known as Tahra is a digital artist/concept designer from Seoul, South Korea. He has a wide range of techniques, from loose to hyper rendering. He says he enjoys the rough touch the most and he’s favorite artist is Yoshitaka Amano but who doesn’t love Mr. Amano.

Новые работы американского художника-дизайнера Jim Kazanjian +9

Работы Jim Kazanjian крайне необычные: ни одно из фото нельзя квалифицировать, как фотографию, и в то же время каждый кусок этого изображения - всецело фотографический. Джим строит свои изображения на основе сотен анонимных снимков, его пейзажи имеют совершено фиктивные конструкции. В композиции своих кадров фотограф освобождается от бремени стандартных представлений. И именно эта свобода мысли и творческого полета создает эту сверхъестественную атмосферу.

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