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Опубликовал: admin
Дата: 12:22 - 20 ноя 2009
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Coca Cola Rave Flowers

Опубликовал: admin

A simple brief from the agency to use some dancing flowers, was taken up and expanded into a toy flower rave. Mischa wanted to do the whole piece in a very much realistic, hand held, flash mob style. We never really properly see the people that have set up the toy flower rave but we feel their presence behind the camera and through sounds, giggles, shadows, a reflection in a window and cheers. The flowers look and behave very realistic. What makes this video special is the illusion that a group of people actually filled a gigantic factory hall with thousands of dancing flowers. To achieve this we shot in a derelict train station in Madrid and then replicated later huge quantities of toy flowers.

Directed by Mischa Rozema. Production by PostPanic

Автор: Aras DarmawanОфициальный сайт: arasdarmawan.com


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